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Bruker Switzerland AG - F1-11 New Showroom & Applications Building


Bruker Switzerland AG

Project duration

2013 - 2016

Drees & Sommer Switzerland has been commissioned to undertake general construction management for the construction of a prestigious new S&A building (showroom and applications) for Bruker Switzerland AG. The building provides space for 10 NMR systems (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) on the ground floor and business clubs for around 40 workstations on the upper floors.

Development of a sustainable and future-oriented concept for the office and application space due to the thermal requirements of the NMR systems, also taking into account the LEED Gold building award. Another specific requirement due to the operation of the NMR systems was the construction of a vibration-decoupled floor slab. The prevention of interference in the magnetic fields caused by steel installations also had to be taken into account.

Individual services

  • Support of the project management by the client
  • Overall coordination and information
  • Scheduling and cost calculation
  • User coordination, workshops and information
  • General planning
  • System planning
  • Project controlling
  • Project supervision