Quarters & Developments

Charta for circular building


Canton of Zurich, Building Department

Project duration

August 2022 – June 2023

The construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure is responsible for around 50 per cent of raw material requirements, a third of CO2 emissions and over 80 per cent of the waste produced in Switzerland. The partner organisations of the "Circular Building Charta", which has already been signed by twelve companies, want to counteract this.

By 2026, concrete actions are to be implemented on the topics of "Renovate instead of build new", "Build for the long term", "Reduce material use", "Reuse", "Choose the right material" and "Reduce waste".

Individual services

  • Accompanying the development of the charter with clients from the public and private sectors
  • Technical input and practical experience on circular construction
  • Conception and moderation of workshops with partner organisations
  • Support in approaching and onboarding partner organisations