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Aerial view of the Zofingen Education Center
Educational & Research Institutions

Education center Zofingen - Extended maintenance


Canton Aargau & City of Zofingen


Batimo AG Architekten SIA

Project duration

04.2020 - 12.2024


Switzerland, Zofingen

Total costs

approx. CHF 31 Mio.

The buildings of the education center Zofingen (Bildungscenter Zofingen BZZ) will undergo a complete renovation in stages until 2024. In particular, the 500 or so windows, sun protection and outdated building services, such as ventilation systems, emergency lighting, electrical distribution and building automation, are in poor condition and urgently need to be replaced. Important components are being renovated to improve energy efficiency. Replacing the windows will ensure better insulation and enable automatic summer night ventilation to cool the buildings without air conditioning.

Added value

  • Project management from a single source with a holistic approach
  • Massive reduction in heating energy consumption 
  • Expenditure preserves value and can be amortized within the targeted remaining service life


Individual services

  • Planning heating, air conditioning and ventilation control technology
  • Planning of electrical systems
  • Overall coordination and planning of sanitary facilities