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Infrastructure Provision

Refurbishment of Bern Bümpliz motorway junction, BIM pilot project FEDRO

End customer

FEDRO, Thun office


Kissling + Zbinden AG Thun

Project duration

01.09.2018 until 31.03.2021

The Bern-Bümpliz motorway junction is an important link between the A12 national road and the urban road network in the west of the city of Bern. The condition of the entire junction area is inadequate in various respects.
Due to the traffic situation with accentuated traffic peaks in the mornings and evenings, the diverse interweaving of traffic flows, the tight space conditions and the age of the system components, the project poses a number of diverse technical and traffic-related challenges.
While several projects using the BIM method have already been carried out in the area of property development in Switzerland, there is still a lack of experience in the area of infrastructure. As a result, the requirements and framework conditions for the digital models to be used must be developed in a pilot project. This represents an additional challenge for the client as well as for the planners and contractors in the development and implementation of the project.

Added value

Optimisation of project management in infrastructure construction using the BIM methodology.

Individual services

  • BIM management and BIM consulting
  • Definition of the basics and implementation of the pilot project
  • BIM implementation and quality management (SIA 31 to 33)
  • Process evaluation and standardisation
  • Development of concept for subsequent phases