Railroad embankment Böckten
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Sissach-Gelterkinden, EB reinforcement, SBB AG




Railroad line 500 Basel-Olten between Sissach and Gelterkinden in the area of km 22.50 -23.05

Project duration


On the 500 Basel-Olten railroad line between Sissach and Gelterkinden, the Böckten railroad embankment is located at km 22.50-23.05. This was built between 1912 and 1914 with the construction of the Hauenstein Base Tunnel and is between 6 and 9 meters high. Due to severe deformations (settlements and horizontal displacements), the embankment was geotechnically investigated back in the 1990s and repairs were carried out using injections and doweling (nails). The aim was to increase the internal strength of the dam body. This rehabilitation measure is no longer sufficient for the increasingly growing demands of rail traffic.

The aim of this project is to carry out a refurbishment that will reduce the ongoing deformations. In this context, a stable and consistent construction phase plan is to be drawn up for further planning and subsequent construction. The project therefore requires construction phase planning in accordance with the SBB standards defined in the construction phase planning manual. Interval planning should also be carried out.

Added value

The “SIS-GKD reinforcement EB Km 22.693” project will ensure future rail operations on the Basel-Olten 500 line between Sissach and Gelterkinden.

Individual services

  • Variant study of construction phase planning
  • Creation of a phase-appropriate construction sequence planning
  • Creation of blocking patterns
  • Creation of construction phase scheduling programs