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UBS Switzerland and UK

Project duration

2017 - 2019

Following a comprehensive contract and market study, Drees & Sommer supported UBS AG during a one-year development and negotiation phase in the signing of two integral contract constructs for facility management services in Switzerland and the UK. The focus was on real estate and facility management consulting services, which realised quality, innovation and cost reduction targets.

The cross-border master service agreement for facility management services, which was also signed, is a special feature. This extends the long-standing business relationship with the previous service provider by a further year and takes it to a higher partnership level.

Added value

  • Establishment of a modern transnational master service agreement for facility management services with country contracts
  • Securing significant reduction of operating costs 
  • Introduction of innovative service models

Individual services

  • Facility Management Consulting
  • Project leadership and management
  • Contract drafting and negotiation 
  • Implementation