Sustainable construction, acquisition and operation

Sustainable construction, acquisition and operation

It is not only knowledge transfer that is becoming or must become more sustainable. Buildings and facilities, operations and the organisation also want to be planned and set up primarily according to the principles of sustainability. Whether photovoltaics, air filters or the use of recyclable materials, CO2 neutrality, CSR and ESG - a healthy indoor climate can only develop with suitable measures. Our aim is to create long-lasting feel-good spaces that users enjoy spending time in.


  • Are you asking yourself about your purpose?
  • Is your organisation resilient in the face of global megatrends?
  • Are you wondering which strategy for promoting innovation is the right one for your organisation? And are you looking for a holistic vision in research and teaching that will characterise your educational and research institution in the future?
  • Do you need to further develop your organisation against the backdrop of digital transformation and pedagogical/didactic and technical innovations?
  • Do you know how your competitors are positioned?
  • Are you asking yourself about your options for action and which ones should be implemented from a strategic perspective?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of what your transformation process needs to look like so that your strategic measures can be realised effectively?

How we proceed

We ensure the intensive and coordinated participation of all players by providing a suitable platform and promoting dialogue: From users to planners and decision-makers - from politicians and administrators to local stakeholders at neighbourhood level. Based on an assessment of the educational concept, the site and the buildings, we work together to develop a suitable space programme. Our many years of cross-sector experience and our strong network help us to take your individual needs into account. We develop innovative learning environments, both large and small, that meet current and future requirements with flexible solutions.


Your benefits

  • 360° analysis of your project with partners from IT, media technology and didactics
  • Interdisciplinary and holistic consulting from a single source
  • Educational, sociological and construction know-how combined with industry-specific expertise
  • Customised digitalisation concept for the requirements of the property, the operation and the users
  • Integration of your educational and digitalisation concept into the specific construction planning of the space and room programme
  • Transparent documentation and quality descriptions
  • Robust control structures through jointly defined structures and processes
  • Final report with specific recommendations for the implementation of your building project



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The education sector of the future must meet a wide range of different requirements, including digital transformation, sustainable educational buildings and innovative spatial concepts. Our education specialists and partners provide our customers with an innovative and unique range of services in terms of the breadth and depth of consulting: