Integrated factory planning

Integrated factory planning

This service is a single source for all your needs – because Integrated Factory Planning is the optimal symbiosis of production planning and industrial construction planning. We start the planning process based on the product. This ensures that your production plant sets new standards. You can commission a complete package or select individual service modules: We ensure you obtain maximum added value. On request, we can integrate carbon neutrality, Cradle to Cradle® and/or BIM.

How we do it

  • We start by working with you on a feasibility study that covers the product, production and the industrial building.
  • After receiving the go-ahead for the project, we start with the concept phase. This culminates with us providing you with the planning specification for the buildings and concept profiles for the plant and equipment, thus completing the User Requirements Study (URS) milestone.
  • We use the URS as the basis for planning and drawing up tender documents. We integrate modular planning and construction where possible.

Your benefits

  • Optimal layouts and early schedule and cost certainty
  • You get as much standardization as possible, with as much customization as necessary. This results in an ideal mix of sustainability and cost-efficiency.
  • We give you an indication in the planning phase of when production can begin. Our communication with you is responsible, transparent and binding.
  • Invitations to tender, contract wording, seamless timelines in construction and production, and remuneration models guarantee project success.
  • Our support does not cease after Start of Production (SoP), but continues throughout the ramp-up to full operating speed, as well as ensuring ongoing optimization during operation of the plant.

Would you like to know more about our Integrated Factory Planning service?

Alexander Cocin
Alexander Cocin Senior Project Manager

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