Manage-to-Sustainable: Experienced real estate and sustainability experts bring cost-efficiency and climate protection together for your properties. In this way, you know the climate targets relevant to you and what measures are required to gradually achieve them for your portfolio.

How can you achieve the climate goals for your properties?

  • Do you know the requirements for sustainable buildings and which apply to you?
  • Do you know the key building data, and can you provide proper reporting, if required?
  • Are your buildings regenerative?
  • Do you know the carbon footprint of your building / property portfolio / company?
  • How can you achieve cost-efficiency and climate protection for your buildings?
Model regulations of the cantons in the energy sector
Carbon and climate neutrality
Green Bonds
Sustainability strategy
Key building data

We support you as you transition towards sustainable buildings in a sustainable company

If you are planning construction work, we prepare the planning, ensure the quality of planning and execution – and a smooth transition to the operational phase. We exploit the benefits of digitization for all aspects of the project.

Climate neutrality strategy: The inventory shows you the commercial and sustainability potential of your portfolio and assesses its future viability. From individual measures through to the strategy itself complete with an implementation roadmap, we deliver an all-round climate protection package for your portfolio.

Energy refurbishment roadmap: Find out which innovative supplementary technologies are suitable for your properties – such as photovoltaic systems, low-exergy strategies, and heat pumps. We work with you to develop a roadmap for the energy refurbishment of your buildings.

Portfolio analysis / optimization We start at portfolio level – analyzing the status quo, developing and prioritizing appropriate measures, and implementing them for you using synergies within your portfolio.

The benefits for you

  • You know how, to what extent and in what time frame you can save energy in and reduce emissions from your properties / portfolio / company.
  • You can break down climate protection goals for your buildings / portfolio / company and achieve results with specific measures.
  • Digitization helps you make the generation and supply of energy more regenerative, demand-driven and resource-efficient.
  • Your sustainable and cost-efficient real estate also gives you a competitive advantage in the war for talent.

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