Demographic trends, digitization and global warming mean that cities must adopt new ideas for the development of urban districts. So it is high time to develop new visions for urban development that combine economy, ecology and technology with excellent quality of life and environment.

Strategic property consulting

Owners and operators of buildings and properties constantly face new challenges. It is not just a matter of preserving the evolved structure of buildings and land, but also of making them economically and functionally fit for the future. We help you gain an overview of your buildings and properties in this regard, allowing you to make informed decisions – such as whether to sell or invest in refurbishment.

Investor selection process

Investors should be identified early in the development of real estate. There are many ways to find buyers, ranging from tender processes to approaching potential investors directly. Thanks to its regional and transregional networks, Drees & Sommer can always find the right investors for the vendor. We support you throughout sales negotiations until land purchase agreements are signed.

Site and land development

There is potential for urban development in unused land and disused sites. The goal of our development management is to provide an optimal urban planning solution with a high return. We establish the basis for improved value creation through market analysis and site assessments. We increase earnings potential by coordinating concepts with potential users and investors, and securing approval with the help of authorities.

Sustainable urban development

Urban districts can be restructured and upgraded by adopting innovative approaches. Drees & Sommer initiates, plans and manages development and renewal processes at city, urban district and individual building level. Here, we provide special support to development agencies and managers in local government.

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