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Office Buildings

Bruker Switzerland AG - P2020 Total conversion of office, training and validation areas


Bruker Switzerland AG

Project duration

09.2018 - 04.2021

Commissioned as general planner and site manager from phase 32.
Sub-project F1-06 OG1:
The area of around 600 m², which was unused at the time of commissioning, was converted into office space for the Bruker Procurement department. This included both the structural and technical expansion of the space as well as the expansion of a technical level on the roof. At the same time, the façade and roof area were renovated under a separate contract.
Sub-project F1-06 ground floor:
The approximately 600 m² area on the first floor of building F1-06 was converted into two separate zones. On the one hand, a training zone was created for customer training purposes and, on the other, a validation area for the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) systems produced. The high demands on the design of the building services required a complete overhaul of the existing systems, which were combined with the area expansion on the roof of the building on the first floor.
Sub-project F1-30 OG1:
In addition to the OG2 and OG3 already in use, Bruker was also able to rent the 900 m² OG1 in building F1-30. As part of the P2020 project, the space was converted both structurally and technically into office space including a smaller laboratory area.

Sub-project F1-08 ground floor:
The space is already used by the production department. The HVAC systems were completely replaced as part of the conversion. The foundations for a vibration platform and a crane runway system were also laid.

Added value

Modernization of existing space for new use or conversion for office and production operations.

Individual services

  • Setting up and updating the project organization
  • Supporting the project management on the part of the client
  • Overall coordination and information
  • Scheduling and cost calculation
  • User coordination, workshops and information
  • General planning (architecture, HVACSE, planning coordination)
  • Project controlling
  • Construction management incl. HVACSE specialist construction management
© Bruker Switzerland AG
© Bruker Switzerland AG
© Bruker Switzerland AG