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ComConsult Webinar: Cyber Security Strategies for Real Estate with Klaus Dederichs

In this webinar, expert Klaus Dederichs, Partner and Head of ICT at Drees & Sommer SE, uses concrete examples to explain what a sensible cyber security strategy for real estate can look like, what components it must include, and how to develop, implement and check the effectiveness of these strategies. 

Summary of webinar content:

- Cyber strategies for the real estate market
- Example projects Smart Building
- Digital Check
- Analyzing potential threats in building technology
- Development of a cyber strategy
- Product selection hardware and software (how to find the right and secure components on the market)
- Implementing structural and technical measures
- Penetration test (preparation and execution)
- IoT Managed Services (operation of intelligent real estate)

Thomas Steil, Head of Competence Center Smart Technologies at ComConsult, will discuss the following questions in his presentation "Cyber-Security for Modern Buildings":

- Why do we need a cyber security concept?
- What attacks have there been in the past?
- What are the motivations of attackers?
- How can we protect ourselves?

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