EPEA and Ethica Finland start cooperation on Circular Economy consulting

The shift towards a circular economy is proceeding rapidly, raising an essential question: what kind of materials do we want to keep in these circular systems? Since 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design phase of a product, safe and circular design is the key to achieving a sustainable and carbon-neutral circular economy.  

The cooperation between EPEA and Ethica will give businesses in Finland the opportunity to benefit from the competences of both companies: Ethica with its expertise on circular economy strategies, carbon-neutrality and sustainable business operations, and EPEA as accredited C2C Certified™ Assessment Body with its deep knowledge on safe & circular materials and digital tools for products and buildings according to Cradle to Cradle® design concept (C2C). 

“Businesses all over Europe are now on their way towards a circular economy. With Ethica we’ve found an innovative and inspiring partner to support clients from building and industry sectors in Finland in implementing the Cradle to Cradle design concept”, says Markus Diem, Head of Office EPEA Hamburg.

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