Hammerbrooklyn: A building with smarts

Following the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Hamburg now has another building with international appeal – this time featuring world-beating sustainability and intelligence: the Hammerbrooklyn Digital Pavillon.

The former American pavilion – the most frequented venue at World Expo 2015 in Milan – has found a new home in the North German city, directly on the waterfront between HafenCity and the central railway station. In the city’s largest-ever upcycling project, developer Art-Invest Real Estate Management has rebuilt the pavilion and created a model for sustainable and resource-efficient construction. But the real innovation is not visible from the outside: Behind the striking glass facade lies concentrated intelligence, because the building makes full use of smart technology – in conjunction with the highest safety standards. Equipped with numerous sensors and an AI, the building responds intelligently to its use, thus ensuring maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The flagship project has been certified as one of the smartest buildings in the world.

Klaus Dederichs, Partner and Head of ICT at Drees & Sommer SE, explains exactly what is behind the digitization concept in a TV segment produced on site by the German business information network DDW (in German).