Huthmacher-Haus in Berlin: Blueprint for circular economy and urban mining in established buildings

© Bayerische Hausbau

Located on Hardenbergplatz in Berlin’s City West, Huthmacher-Haus is a commercial high-rise built in the 1950s that forms part of the Bikini Berlin complex. Bayerische Hausbau has set itself a major goal for this building: Supported by EPEA – Part of Drees & Sommer, and Madaster, the company will undertake a sustainable and resource-friendly partial renovation. 

The approach is sustainable refurbishment par excellence: The first step is a careful identification of all materials used in the building to ensure as much as possible can be reused in the partial renovation with the aim of cutting carbon emissions and helping to achieve climate goals. 

This structured approach is recommended for any renovation – especially for owners who have many properties in their portfolio. And for Bayerische Hausbau, the Huthmacher-Haus project is also serving as a pilot project for possible future renovations.