Innovation Scouting Report 2024: Focus on AI

The ability to identify and understand trends is critical in today’s dynamic world. They shape our culture and economy, and are a driving force for innovation.   

For the fourth year in succession, the Drees & Sommer Innovation Scouting Report summarizes the most important technology trends in the construction and real estate industry. Using the new Drees & Sommer AI Hype Cycle, this year’s Scouting Report allows us to identify and classify future-oriented trends and technological solutions. The focus of the 2024 report is Artificial Intelligence (AI) – still the unchallenged Number 1 on the Trend Radar.   

The key takeaways at a glance  

  • The top 3 trends of 2023 also made it onto the podium in 2024. The latest Trend Radar confirms the forecasts made in the previous year.  
  • Technologies can no longer be considered in isolation. They interact synergistically. And this interaction continues to accelerate the pace of technological progress. 
  • Personal judgment remains of great importance. AI is the copilot and does not replace the human.  
  • High-quality data is still lacking. For this reason, AI use cases are still largely in the early stages across all phases of the real estate lifecycle. 

You can now read all about our findings, methodologies and assessments in our free Innovation Scouting Report.