Mastering future challenges together

As we head into Christmas, we look back on a successful year – thanks to the collaborative way we work with our customers and business partners. And yet today we are all much more concerned about the future.

We face the challenges of our time as a team. And we will overcome them together!
Seldom has there been so much uncertainty and so much speculation on so many different issues. We have no wish to join in the speculation – but would like to share our position with you: We are confident that with your support we can continue to meet all the challenges the future may hold. The key to achieving this is ‘working together’ to ensure a livable future. 
Because despite all the challenges, we have not lost sight of what forms the very basis of our life on this planet – an intact environment. If we continue to take steps – both big and small – towards preserving our environment, we will succeed in leaving a livable world for future generations. 

We wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas – and a good start to the new year. 


P.S. Drees & Sommer forgoes birthday presents for staff and Christmas presents or printed Christmas cards for customers and business partners. Introduced because we were convinced it was the right thing to do, it has now become an established tradition. We are delighted, because this allows us to make a significant joint donation to people in urgent need. In Germany, we will be supporting „Habitat for Humanity“ this year. Internationally, our donation is going to ‘Emergency Aid Ukraine’ via BÜNDNIS ENTWICKLUNG HILFT.