New Logistics Center Completed in the Industrie Center Obernburg

© Mainsite

The Industrie Center Obernburg (ICO), located south-east of Frankfurt am Main in Germany, has a new building. The new logistics center was handed over at the beginning of November. Owner of the building is the ICO operating company Mainsite GmbH & Co.KG. The new construction offers a high degree of automation inside the building, and the roof is the largest green roof in the German federal state of Bavaria. Drees & Sommer provided guidance and support as the project manager.

Logistics Center as a Smart Building Block for the Future

The complex of buildings in the Bavarian town of Obernburg comprises eight hall units. Seven units of approximately 10,000 square meters each will be used as logistics warehouses. In an additional unit of 2,400 square meters hazardous materials can be stored. There are also offices, storage areas and staff social facilities on intermediate levels. Each hall unit has ten ramps and doors and is equipped with hydraulic dock levelers. This enables trucks to be variably loaded and unloaded. This new building costing around 50 million euros is now one of the largest logistics buildings in the whole of the region. The warehouse areas will not only be used by ICO companies. Future users are the companies Ciba Viseon and Symcreon. Interested companies from the region can also rent storage space to compensate for any shortfall in their own warehouse infrastructure. The high degree of automation of the logistics centre is enabled by an innovative merchandise management system linked to a fully automatic fleet of forklifts.  

Largest Green Roof in Bavaria as a Compensatory Measure

As a nature compensation measure, Mainsite has created a green roof area of 71,000 square meters which is the largest in the federal state of Bavaria and the second largest in Germany. It includes hills, dead wood areas and wet zones to reflect the earth's natural biological zones as realistically as possible. The roof's substrate layer retains about 60 percent of the total precipitation. The condensation effect ensures that the indoor temperatures are kept low. The roof is strong enough to walk on, and even suitable for visits by school classes.

Although the green roof makes the logistics centre more expensive because the supporting structure has to be more stable, it also lasts around 30 percent longer than a normal roof. Besides it also insulates better against heat and cold.

Planning in Detail for a Successful Project

The first construction phase of the ICO logistics center was completed at the end of May 2019 after just 10 months of construction work. The general contractor Dreßler Bau handed over the second construction phase to the Mainsite operating company in September 2019 and delivered the whole of the complex at the beginning of November. From the start of the project, Drees & Sommer supported the client with project management services. This covered extensive civil engineering work such as tree clearance and rerouting of underground water well supply pipes, in addition to the actual construction of the building. Drees & Sommer was also responsible for technical project finance controls and cooperated with Conclude to set up an Internet-based platform for the exchange and archiving of documents.

it Conclude, um eine internetbasierte Plattform für den Austausch und die Ablage von Dokumenten einzurichten.