Only 4 days left until the opening: „a look back“ for the innovation building OWP12

Construction work began in November 2019 on the new Drees & Sommer office building OWP12. As we are building on the area previously used by the Stuttgart-Vaihingen Cycling Club (RSV), Drees & Sommer experts have been helping to build a new home for the club members in the sports area in Vaihingen-West since 2016.

In this context, discussions with the city regarding possible new land plots as well as coordination with the RSV were conducted. Furthermore, the colleagues have donated Cradle to Cradle water bottles to the club for youth work. With many great activities such as bike camps or bike trips to the nearby Black Forest, the people in charge around the chairman Karl-Heinz Liebemann are very committed to introducing children and young people to cycling.

The new clubhouse of the RSV Stuttgart-Vaihingen is the central meeting point of the club. This is where the joint rides start and end, where the club's events take place – from the multi-day training camp for racers and youth in the spring to the summer party and the joint Advent celebration in December.