Protective Buildings – How buildings can provide protection

What can principals, planners and authorities do to ensure that buildings continue to protect users in the future? What can they do, for example, to reduce the risk of infection in both new and established buildings? And how can building data and the IT infrastructure be reliably protected?

Our new Protective Buildings service focuses on safety and security. The uncertainty and fear resulting from the current pandemic situation make this an issue of particular importance for us and our customers. We always follow the same procedure to achieve the various protection goals for buildings and their users in the most effective way: We identify optimization potential in terms of the building, technology and organization. The major focus of Protective Buildings is currently on health protection and cybersecurity. When it comes to health protection, our main concern is people with all their vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity, in addition to covering the protection of sensitive personal data also involves the protection of data and information systems in the broadest sense, including the physical protection of buildings and IT infrastructure.

This results in tangible added value:

  • Reduction of employee sick leave
  • Unique selling propositions for the marketing of the building, higher lease income
  • Unique selling propositions for recruiting, attractive workplaces

Protective Buildings: Buildings with a protective shield

In future, buildings will have to do more than simply protect their occupants from heat, cold and severe weather. They should not only have sustainability certification, but also have a digitization strategy in place and be tailored to their users’ needs. Most importantly, they should also protect users’ health: In other words, they should become Protective Buildings.

Our new Protective Buildings service – health protection combines two free and two premiumproducts that can contribute to enhancing health protection for the people in your property.

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