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Real Estate Panel Nürnberg

The world seems to be spinning even faster than usual these days and we are once again facing immense challenges. But this also offers great opportunities. The construction and real estate industry in particular now has the opportunity to set an important course for the coming decades.

But how can this opportunity best be seized? A first, central step: talking to each other, exchanging ideas. We therefore cordially invite you to our Real Estate Panel Nuremberg on 25.10.2022! Discover the future of our industry with our speakers, experts and innovative start-ups and network with each other.

We are happy to welcome the decision-makers of the Nuremberg construction and real estate industry at the live event. Together we want to talk about current trends, tools and as yet little-known innovations around topics such as climate neutrality, Cradle to Cradle® or life cycle assessment. Live music and a small snack will be provided at a get-together after the event.

Our programme on 25 October 2022

18:00              RECEPTION
                        Rödl & Partner, Äußere Sulzbacher Straße 100, 90491 Nuremberg, Germany

18:30               Welcome and TEASER
                        Moderation: Harald Reitze, Lawyer Rödl & Partner

18:40               STARTUP PITCHES MADASTER
                         Dr. Patrick Bergmann, Managing Director CAALA - Philipp Hollberg, Managing Director

19:10               PODIUM DISCUSSION 
                         Moderation: Harald Reitze, Lawyer Rödl & Partner
                         Holger Seidel, Associate Partner Drees & Sommer
                         Miguel Soto Palma, Director Real Estate Clients, Municipalities and Institutionals,
                         Savings Bank Nuremberg
                         Dr. Patrick Bergmann, Managing Director MADASTER
                         Philipp Hollberg, Managing Director CAALA

from 19:40      GET-TOGETHER & LIVE-MUSIC

We look forward to seeing you!
Best regards

Holger Seidel
Associate Partner, Drees & Sommer SE

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