Trends and technologies: Drees & Sommer Innovation Scouting Report 2020

While structured trend research is well established in other sectors of the economy, this is not the case in the construction and real estate industry. That is why Drees & Sommer has written an Innovation Scouting Report 2020 examining the technology trends and mega trends that are shaping the industry’s future. The report also presents PropTech and ConTech companies that are specifically focused on promoting these technologies.

Whether you look at neo-ecology, digitization or urbanization, the real estate industry is in a period of transition. As a result, innovations that were formerly ‘nice to have’ are becoming essential to corporate success. Just published in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Holzminden, the report provides an overview of relevant topics, technology trends and startups, thus serving as a guide for strategic orientation of innovation initiatives.

The construction and real estate industry in 2030

The rapid rate of change in our industry means that long-term forecasts are always fraught with uncertainty. What can we expect? The experts at the Drees & Sommer Innovation Center have looked forward over the coming decade in their research paper, which is scheduled for publication next week. Watch this space!