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80 RVKO Education Sites, Rotterdam


Rotterdam Association for Catholic Education (RVKO)

Gross floor area

Approximately 130,000 m2

Project period

November 2021 - June 2022

Maintenance plans for more than 80 school sites of the Rotterdam Association for Catholic Education (RVKO) had to be updated to reflect the current state of repair and the expected maintenance costs. As part of this project, Drees & Sommer Netherlands inspected and reported on the structural and technical elements of the various school locations in accordance with NEN2767 methodology.  

The report listed observed deficiencies including the recommended measures for repair, the current condition of the structural elements, and a 20-year plan including the expected replacement dates. Drees & Sommer's project manager was responsible for supervising the inspectors and informing the client according to the GOTIK method to ensure that all project management aspects were kept under control.  

Added value

  • NEN2767 condition measurements
  • MJOP's 



  • Real estate consulting