Office Buildings

ABN AMRO, Amsterdam, Netherlands




ABN-AMRO HQ, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Project duration

12 months, completed in 2008

In our view, in the case of ABN AMRO, to start immediately with a program of requirements would not have led to reliable frameworks for the development of a space designed to become the company’s center and showcase for innovation. In a one-day session chaired by us, ABN AMRO stakeholders brainstormed what innovation means both for the bank and in terms of accommodation.

Designers then translated the results of this brainstorming session (the ambition) into a sketch plan, after which the design, tendering and implementation processes started.

Additional value

  • Drafting of the program and design of the space ran parallel to the development of the required organizational steps and definition of the first measures to be taken
  • The formal approval processes, particularly with regard to purchasing, made it necessary to work closely with the ABN AMRO Purchasing department in order to deliver the project on time and with the desired quality

Individual services

  • Interior design
  • Project management