Retail Buildings

Acron Group – Westcenter Shopping Mall in the Swiss Town of St. Gallen

Added Value

Safeguarding and enhancing the attractiveness of the shopping mall for tenants on the long term.

Individual Services

Fire safety

  • Client representation
  • Project management
  • Assembling and coordinating a planning team
  • Submission of building application and liaison with the authority (fire safety authority)
  • Cost, schedule and building control

Replacement of building automation system

  • Client representation
  • Project management
  • Planning, tender submission process, awarding of service contracts
  •  Construction supervision, commissioning / inspection and approval

AHSG Immobilien AG c/o Acron AG

Project location

St. Gallen

Fire safety planning

Amstein + Walthert AG

Project term

December 2017 – April 2019

Engaged for two phases and three subprojects: phase 1 to agree the basic principles and the scheduling; phase 2 to prepare and implement the subprojects.

SP1 - Modernization of the fire safety concept:

Owing to the fire load existing for the access areas of commercial buildings, the approved fire safety concept is not being observed. To enable continued use of the building as a space for sales and promotions, the requirements of the St. Gallen fire safety authority have to be met.

SP2 – Building Automation System:

Complete replacement of the building automation system, including removal of the automation level.

SP3 – Technical Due Diligence (TDD) Process:

Conducting of a visual survey of the basic structure of the building, technical installations and improvements by the landlord to review the technical due diligence findings of 2013.