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Office Buildings

City of Winterthur – Fokus


City of Winterthur Property


Winterthur, Switzerland

Project term

2007 – 2013

The project focus is to create an administrative center and was part of the 2007 budget reorganization project of the city of Winterthur. In the location evaluation phase for the land management sub-project, four different location variants were checked in a feasibility study. Then a final evaluation of the layouts and the building analyses was carried out.

A project of RESO Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Drees & Sommer Group since January 1, 2018.

Additional Value

  • Impartial analysis of four location variants
  • Detailed study of the buildings with comparable values
  • Basis for the decision by the city council on the further procedure

Individual Services

  • Sourcing facility management / project management services
  • Organization and process consulting
  • Facility management during the planning and construction process
  • User management
  • Planning of the occupancy and the fixtures and furnishings
  • Consulting in corporate real estate management (CREM)