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General refurbishment of the runway RWY 14L/32R FKB


Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH, civil engineering department


Köln, Germany 

General planer

Construction partnerhip (ARGE) Werner Consult / airport consulting partners

Project term

March 2017 - December 2020

The main runway RWY 14L/32R for taking off and landing at Cologne Bonn Airport (FKB), which is 3,815 meters long and 60 meters wide, dates from the 1960s. 21 years after the last refurbishment, the runway showed heavy wear and tear in the form of cracks, spalling, surface deterioration and water ingress, so it had to be refurbished again to ensure safe and uninterrupted flight operations.

Flight operations at Cologne Bonn Airport were permitted for 24 hours per day, so the work was carried out in the period from April to November 2018 during the defined non-operating times from 12:00 hours on Saturday to 18:00 hours on Sunday (30 hours) on almost all weekends. Where flight operations permitted, some individual work tasks were also carried out on weekdays. This involved the refurbishment of the runway structure with the binding material and the top surface, including the installation of new markings, LED runway lighting which was integrated into the asphalt and the entire measurement technology for a new runway condition monitoring and alarm system.

Beforehand, a new cable protection conduit was installed parallel to the main runway RWY 14L/32R outside the 70 meter safety zone to provide access for maintenance even while air traffic is operating.

Added value

  • Personnel support services for the civil engineering department due to the work which needed to be carried out in a short time alongside normal airport operations, consisting of the planning, the tender process and the implementation of a large-scale project
  • Overall view of the costs (actual costs and budget forecasts) and deadlines
  • Reporting for the Management of the client
  • Documentation of the information which arose within a short time, and ensuring its distribution

Individual services

  • Project steering (organization, costs, deadlines, contracts)
  • Procedure according to the Regulation on Public Procurement for Transport, Water and Energy (Sektorenverordnung, SektVO) for construction management / site supervision / project supervision
  • Tender process for various independent experts (asphalt, ecological building support, …)
  • Participation in approval procedures


© Surveying office Ludwig and Wettengel, Köln
© Surveying office Ludwig and Wettengel, Köln
© Surveying office Ludwig and Wettengel, Köln
© Surveying office Ludwig and Wettengel, Köln