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Quarters & Developments

Land development Quartier Laangfur, Luxembourg


Groupement des propriétaires du Laangfur

Project duration

July 2017 - April 2021

Gross floor area

360.000 square meters

Development area

24 hectares


ca 6.500 Einwohner

Residential units


Besides the "Kuebebierg" site, "Laangfur" is one of the two major urban development areas on the Kirchberg plateau. The targeted development area covers about 24.3 ha. The architectural office Fabeck Architectes S.à.r.l., which emerged from the competition, was commissioned by the owners' association to develop an integrated concept (urban planning, mobility, landscape and environment, innovative elements for sustainable development, programming, ...) on the basis of pioneering urban development strategies, for the creation of a new, exemplary, high-quality and innovative urban district. On the basis of ambitious specifications, the architectural office has developed a concept that seeks to integrate all issues of sustainable development. It takes into account the links with the city and the "Kuebebierg" planning area, as well as the nature reserve located in the north of the area. In a first step Drees & Sommer and the pact sàrl office set up and managed the planner selection procedure. In a second step Drees & Sommer is coordinating the preparation of the PAP. 

Additional value

  • Coordination of 15 building owners (private individuals, public institutions, private developers)

Individual services

  • Planner Selection
  • Coordination of the partial development plan ("PAP")
  • Project Management
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