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Logistics & Transport

Logistics center Saint Gobain, Osterweddingen

Added value

  • Costs: Savings of 10% as compared to the first project analysis
  • Scheduling assurance in the planning- and construction phase
  • Quality: Securing of the contractual services and establishing the eligibility of all topics

Services provided

  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Cost-, time and quality-control

SGBD Deutschland GmbH

Project duration

02/2018 - 12/2018

GFA storage

35,000 m²

GFA office

6,000 m²

For the new construction of the logistics center in the Osterweddingen district of Magdeburg, Drees & Sommer was commissioned by Saint Gobain Building Distribution Germany GmbH with project and construction management, especially in the areas of cost-, time- and quality-monitoring.

Particular challenges were the large project's limited budget and the short planning and construction time. In addition, the eligibility of the project had to be ensured.

The efficient team of Drees & Sommer relieved the customer side with a detailed documentation of all topics relevant to subsidies as well as the use of the CostMonitor and Contrace tools.

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© SGBD Deutschland GmbH
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