Residential Buildings

Modular planned wood-hybrid apartment building




Drees & Sommer, Integrated Design Team

Floor area

4,193 m3, 9 floors, 54 apartments 

Project duration

08/2019 – 12/2021 

The wood-hybrid apartment building showcases future-oriented, resource-conserving, and sustainable construction. Built from certified wood, the project sets a new standard in environmentally friendly architecture. The modular plan allows for efficient creation of 1- to 3-bedroom apartments, thanks to digital design and standardization. Prefabricated elements are built in factories and installed on site, for quick and flexible construction. 

The suspended facades integrate solar panels and fiber cement board, contributing to the building’s energy efficiency. Through the use of renewable energy and intelligent energy management, the building not only meets high ESG standards, it’s also energy-positive. 

Added value

  • Modular planned wood-hybrid high-rise apartment building with 1 to 3 bedroom apartments 
  • Non-load-bearing facades with integrated solar panels and fiber cement board 
  • Development of module catalog (BIM-planning) 
  • Reduction of complexity through lean methods 



Partial services

  • General construction management (LPH 1-8) 
    • Building planning 
    • Structural engineering 
    • Energy design 
    • Technical equipment planning 
    • Façade technology 
    • Construction physics 
    • Construction management 
  • BIM coordination + management LP 2-5