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Educational & Research Institutions



City of Frankfurt


Frankfurt a. M., Germany


h4a Architekten, Stuttgart

Project duration

2014 - 2019


Approx. 9,900 m²

Built in 1908, the Elisabethenschule (school) was as one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Frankfurt. It is heritage-protected and historical elements, such as fountains and lead glazing in the staircase, are being preserved. Following roof and facade renovations about ten years ago, the school building needed to undergo a complete core renovation.

In the course of the upgrade, all existing floors were gradually replaced because their load-bearing capacity was too low. A further challenge in this special project was the replacement of the floor slab and underground pipes. The facade and the internal load-bearing walls were preserved in accordance with static requirements and heritage protection. The stucco ceilings, original tiles and sandstone portals have been protected and preserved as far as possible.

Interior restructuring was also required. The classrooms were enlarged, the building systems modernized, and the gymnasium and facade renovated in keeping with the goal of achieving a modern, barrier-free school building. The student library, which most recently had a capacity limit of 30 students, was relocated to a new building on the site. Finally, the courtyard was redesigned.

Added value

  • Heritage-protected structural restoration and preservation of historic elements
  • Modern, wheelchair-accessible school building

Service elements

  • Tender process and contract award
  • Site supervision cost groups 300 + 500