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Logistics & Transport

London Underground


Transport for London


London, United Kingdom


70 Underground Stations

Transport for London

Lean management keeps station upgrades on right track

  • Upgrade of 70 stations on the oldest underground network without disrupting timetable
  • Precise planning and execution of work within a short window of network downtime
  • Collaborative planning to streamline processes

London underground transports more than a billion passengers annually making it one of the busiest transport networks in the world. However, it is also the oldest underground system in the world and 70 of its stations were in need of upgrade and renovation.

The work has to be carried out without disrupting train timetables, often at night within the short timeframe the network is closed. This means precise planning, preparation and execution of work is essential.

Drees & Sommer UK was retained by Transport for London to deliver Lean Construction Management in support of planning, control and monitoring of the upgrade work. Using collaborative planning, everyone involved from the scheduler to the tiler was brought together to develop the work schedule.

This streamlines the process as potential problems are identified and solved at an early stage and documented for the benefit of work on other stations.

With two pilot projects at Baker Street and Embankment proving successful the system is being rolled out across the network.

Individual services

  • Lean Construction Management Consulting