Event: Expert Talk “Customized Smart Buildings"

Invitation to inspire, discuss & network

Expert Talk “Customized Smart Buildings"

for sustainability, well-being and profitable organization growth

In today's rapidly evolving world, the concept of a building has transcended its traditional boundaries. We are entering an era where buildings are not just structures; they are living, breathing entities that adapt and respond to the needs of their occupants. The starting point is to create living, working and living environments that are future-proof, comfortable and cost-effective.

On Thursday afternoon, February 29, Drees & Sommer is hosting the Expert Talk Customized Smart Buildings in Rotterdam. In this Expert Talk, some of our experts will explore with you the intersection of technology, sustainability and human well-being, with a strong focus on delivering tangible benefits for organizations.

Key Topics:

  • Smart Buildings redefined: explore the cutting edge of architecture with next-gen structures that embody adaptability and resilience. Dive into the latest trends in smart building systems for optimal operational efficiency.
  • Sustainability in action: learn about eco-conscious design principles, renewable energy solutions, and strategies for reducing carbon footprints within the built environment.
  • Human-centric design: explore how intelligent spaces can promote well-being, productivity, and a sense of community among occupants.
  • Smart investment strategies: acquire valuable insights into the financial benefits of investing in tailored smart building solutions. Enhance understanding of your current assets for improved operations and strategic future investments.

We invite you to captivating impulse speeches on the diverse topics of ESG/Sustainability, Customized Smart Buildings/Digitization and User Experience. The speeches will be followed by inspiring mini-workshops on these topics.

We look forward to welcoming you in person in the “Keilepand” in Rotterdam on February 29. Please use the link below to register. After your registration, you will receive more information about the event.

Program in short – Thursday February 29, 2024:

Impulses on:

  • ESG/Sustainability by Marco Villares, Sustainability Consultant
  • User Experience by Salla Lardot, Senior UX Consultant
  • Customized Smart Buildings/Digitization by Minu Tegethoff, Leading Consultant Digitization
  • Parallel inspiring mini workshops on the subjects of ESG. CSB and UX
  • Drinks, bites & networking

Create together beyond the frames

This Expert Talk is more than a forum for information sharing; it is a call to action. We believe that by pooling our collective expertise, we can drive real change in the way buildings are conceived and utilized. Our aim is to foster a community of forward-thinkers who are committed to creating environments that not only sustain our planet but also nurture the individuals who inhabit them. This is what we at Drees & Sommer are committed to: creating a world we want to live in. 

Want to know immediately more about Customized Smart Buildings and what role Drees & Sommer can have for your organization? Download our onepager CSB easily and quickly.


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