Construction Logistics

Construction Logistics – Starting a Successful Project

As a result of the growing importance of optimized construction processes, construction logistics has developed as an independent performance profile which was formerly regarded as part of the core competence of project supervision.

The core service provided by construction logistics is

  • to set up the building site in the best possible way;
  • to supply it with building materials; and
  • to organize procedures efficiently (lean processes).

To ensure that all necessary construction logistics work is included in the planning and implemented in the course of the building work, it is important to integrate these services into the planning at an early stage. This is the only way to organize the project from the outset so that the construction process can run smoothly and the costs and deadlines can be adhered to.

The experts from Drees & Sommer provide reliable construction logistics services from the beginning of the project and through all project and service stages. Construction logistics concepts can also be implemented in projects which are already active and then supported throughout the work on the project. With our professional expertise in our core competence areas of construction and project management we are always in touch with the whole of the project, and we ensure clear interaction between all parties and at the intersections of different trades.

Construction Logistics Services

Our versatile performance and service profile means that we can support widely different projects and give each of them individual attention. We can also integrate our performance into lean production processes involving tasks such as site logistics, area logistics or plant logistics.


Special features

  • Maximum flexibility and individuality in our procedures, even in complex construction projects.
  • The construction logistics concept is developed as a customized concept resulting from the construction process in the specific project.
  • All performance and service profiles are developed and coordinated as required together with the client.
Analysis of Requirements and Basic Evaluation
Concept Development
Monitoring and Supervision

We Understand the Big Picture

We deliver customer-oriented, need-based and neutral construction logistics solutions which are implemented in construction projects at an early stage and efficiently. This includes:

  • comprehensive construction logistics planning – if necessary even parallel to the initial design phase – by an all-round consideration of the environment, the planning, the process and the sequence of work;
  • consideration of the building method and building area;
  • deadline and cost stability is ensured by a project-specific examination and consideration of the construction logistics circumstances at the earliest possible time;
  • operational project support in all phases of the project.

Our team of construction logistics experts has many years of experience in planning, project management and construction management. In addition, the architects and engineers interact closely with the project teams and jointly support digital processes, LCM® and innovation. Together, we develop digital solutions for the future – often in cooperation with higher education institutions and startup companies – to ensure that we are always a step ahead of developments. This enables us to gradually establish digital processes in the site supervision and to understand individual structures easily.