Renovation of existing buildings

When is the best time to take a close look at your existing properties in your portfolio and give them an upgrade? And what is involved in a future-oriented renovation of existing properties? Investors now have the opportunity to organize their assets in a user-centric manner and take it forward into the future – with everything necessary for people’s evolving behaviors and needs. You can find all the answers from various perspectives in our dossier.

Renovation of real estate

Renovation offers a unique opportunity to make a building or a neighbourhood fit for the future. Those who use existing buildings conserve resources. Optimizing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 consumption are almost standard practices. Those who also rely on recyclable materials and digitalization and keep existing properties flexible in their use secure the future of their portfolio.

Supporting your renovation project plan

The construction and real estate industries are in a state of upheaval. Major challenges like climate change and the pandemic are generating multi-layered, partly overlapping changes. New living, shopping, travelling and working needs are significantly influencing the demand and requirements on existing buildings. Those who deal with their real estate portfolio now will make it fit for the future and ensure high-yielding portfolios.

For this, portfolio owners need a comprehensive, independent assessment of their options for action. It is crucial to have a 360° view that recognizes and includes all ecological, technical and economic aspects. Then they can develop innovative, safe, climate-neutral and sustainable solutions for their existing properties. 

For the right renovation strategy, it is crucial to activate and bring together the best real estate expertise. Our team works closely with the property managers of the owner, such as asset management, property management or the construction department. We moderate the different perspectives and successfully implement the entire project together with the client and renovate your existing properties sustainably, digitally, innovatively and economically.

Integrated Renovation Consulting

At Drees & Sommer, we understand the needs of property owners and their properties and work as partners. We are there from the beginning of a project till its delivery. We have answers to your questions:

  • Which space concept will keep my office property attractive for tenants in the future - instead of being rented out?
  • How can I compensate for the expected fall in business travel with my hotel property?
  • What will become of my retail property? Will a new mix of residential, logistics, retail and hospitality uses bring about a turnaround?
  • Does my residential property still meet the changed wishes of its users?
  • For all asset classes, it is a matter of making existing buildings sustainable, digital, user-focused and economical. 

Download dossier for a 360° perspective on renovation

Now is the best time to take a close look at your existing properties in your portfolio and give them an upgrade. How can you organize your assets in a user-centric manner, making them fit for the future – with everything necessary for people’s evolving behaviours and needs?

Download the dossier “Upgrading instead of tearing down” and get up-to-date answers from different perspectives.