10 Theses for the Construction and Real Estate Sector in the Year 2030

With our Drees & Sommer Innovation Center we want to equip our clients, ourselves and the industry for the future. This means that we must look ahead. Click & deliver, multiple use, Economy of Things (EoT), Blockchain in self-organized property management, open-source building register …: in our report on theses for the future we have presented a basis for discussion by pointing out some developments which may await us in the future – and developments which we already put into practice today.

The report lists ten theses for the year 2030. Big Data and platforms add new technological concepts to extend the traditional lifecycle of buildings with the phases of development, construction, operation and removal/upcycling. This will give rise to innovative clusters which can already be recognized.

There will probably also be developments which we cannot yet predict, but one thing is certain: in 2030 we will face completely new challenges and requirements in the construction and real estate world – and this will also affect the nature of work and the tasks which must be undertaken.

What propositions do you see for the future of the construction and real estate sector? Feel free to let us know: innovation(at) We look forward to exciting discussions!