10 Future theses for the construction and real estate sector 2030


The concept of beneficial business forms the basis for innovation and our theses for the future.

Planting trees and basing our work on sustainable develop­ment goals is only the beginning. Beneficial business goes a step further. A company which is beneficial has internalized  the topic of sustainability – it does not merely talk about it, the company itself is sustainable.

Business success in ‘beneficial companies’ does not come at  the expense of the environment, it benefits the environment. ‘Beneficial companies’ do not achieve profitability in spite of their sustainability policies. They are profitable because of them.

Digital, climate-positive and socially involved: these factors form the basis for the following ten theses for the construction and real estate sector in the year 2030.

Big data and platforms add new technological concepts to extend the traditional lifexycle of buildings with the phases of developments, construction, operation and removal/upcycling. This will give rise to innovative clusters which can already be recognized. 

It also means that in 2030 we will be faced with completely new challenges and requirements in the construction and real estate world - and this will also affect the nature of work an the tasks which must be undertaken. 

10 Future theses 2030


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Innovation cannot be successful as a solo venture – we must  leave the silo mentality behind us. To analyze questions about the future together in an ecosystem and to work on innovations for the real estate sector, we have set up CREATORS.


Within our Innovation Center, our Scouting team focuses on trends for the future. At the same time we maintain contact with a number of relevant startup companies. By order scouting we arrange for startup technologies and know­how to become involved in our projects.

More information can be found in our current scouting report