A Model of Good Office Design: Drees & Sommer Presents its Remodeled Work Environment in Nuremberg

© Peter Neusser

Sustainability meets efficiency. With the redesign of its Nuremberg premises by its own New Work experts, Drees & Sommer has created an office space fit for the future. The project was completed quickly and economically while normal business continued. The remodeling and increase in the floor area of the premises, which is situated not far from Cramer Klett Park, has created inviting offices with plenty of room for meetings and social interaction.

Many companies currently find themselves having to deal with increasing staff numbers along with ageing office spaces that no longer meet the requirements of today’s working world in terms of either their furnishings or their layout. The position is made more difficult by increasing rental and energy costs. The question in all this is how to plan in spite of uncertainty. One answer is provided by flexible office spaces that can be adapted to different needs, so enabling their long-term use. High-quality design also contributes to the wellbeing of employees.

Make One out of Two

Drees & Sommer’s recently redesigned Nuremberg office is a model of interior design for a space of this kind – and shows how it can be done without blowing the budget or overrunning the schedule. The existing company premises in the Wöhrd district were renovated during the past year, while also being extended to add the recently vacated neighboring office space. The conversion shows how new work environments can be integrated into existing spatial structures. Lavish displays of air-purifying indoor plants help to condition the air and, along with the new color scheme, they create a pleasant ambience. Warm colors, combined with oak design features, transform the office from a sterile work environment into a pleasant place to be in.

Office Concept with Local Flavor

To help navigate the office, the design team of Drees & Sommer came up with a system with a local flavor. The doors of the offices are numbered, but the communal areas are named after parks, green spaces and squares in Nuremberg. All the remodeling and renovation work was carried out within three weeks once the plans were completed. All of the Nuremberg office staff not directly involved in the construction activities worked from home while construction was going on.

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