City logistics study at EXPO REAL 2021: The city as a real-world laboratory

Inner cities need sustainable, innovative logistics solutions for the last mile to remain vibrant and be fit for the future. The study ‘Last Mile Logistics – the city as a real-world laboratory’ undertaken by the Logistics Facilities Initiative (Logix) looks at the solution potential offered by logistics and city logistics facilities. The study was presented on Tuesday, 12 October 2021 at EXPO REAL in Munich at the forum entitled ‘Let’s Talk Logistics: The Future of City Logistics Facilities’. 

Janine Zimmermann, Head of Logistics at Drees & Sommer, co-authored the study with Michael Kuchenbecker, LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants and Horst Manner-Romberg, MRU. Among other things, it examines the challenges of the last mile. Here, the logistics experts explore ground-breaking concepts for transport, delivery, real estate, infrastructure and inner-city design to overcome the problem of increasing volumes of traffic. They show, for example, how cutting-edge building concepts and low-traffic districts can make the last mile more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. The city center serves as a real-world laboratory in which parcel services, urban developers and other stakeholders can test their ideas.

Download the full study to learn more about the challenges of the last mile, district logistics concepts, delivery and transport solutions, and the role of established buildings, hubs and mixed-use buildings.