Digital conference: ‘Green Shift – Cutting Emissions’

The digital conference ‘Green Shift – Cutting Emissions’ will take place on March 10, 2021 in ‘The Curve’ event hall at the Vogel Convention Center, Würzburg. The proceedings will be broadcast live. Speakers and experts from business, the scientific community and politics, including Dr. Peter Mösle and Nicole Wallner from Drees & Sommer, will discuss ways to achieve the green industrial revolution. New perspectives for carbon-neutral production and sustainability in industry will be explored in dialog with the audience.

Decarbonization is already being treated as a megatrend. As a result, businesses see measures like the Green Deal and Climate Package not only as presenting new challenges, but also opportunities that they can use to their advantage. For this reason, the digital event focuses on exchanges between decision-makers from all key industrial sectors – from the automotive industry and its suppliers to the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation sectors and the chemical and process industries. The conference is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and will be attended by environmental protection officers from a number of large corporations such as AUDI AG, BASF EG and the Boston Consulting Group will take part in the event. Representatives from the scientific community include the Energy Systems research department at Siemens, and the Institute for Transformation of the Energy System of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences, Heide. As experts construction and real estate experts, Peter Mösle, Managing Director of EPEA GmbH and Nicole Wallner, Senior Project Team Manager Production & Logistics at Drees & Sommer, will discuss the question ‘Are ants better people?’ and give an idea of how our mindset will change.

The experts will classify the current situation for companies, provide guidance and support for implementation, and indicate approaches that facilitate environmentally conscious and climate-neutral production. As a result, participants can learn directly from experts how to make production more sustainable and take inspiration from their industry’s Best Practices.

Participation in the digital kick-off event on March 10 is free of charge. Please register at