Drees & Sommer Nordic named “German Company of the Year”

The business award is handed out annually by the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce. The deciding criteria are economic success as well as leadership in innovation and investments in Denmark.

“We are incredibly proud of this award,” says Sebastian Lundholm Petersen, Managing Director at Drees & Sommer Nordic. “Just being one of the two finalists selected by the representative jury with ambassadors from both countries is great. The award is an acknowledgement of the truly bilateral cooperation that all employees at Drees & Sommer Nordic perform daily.”

Drees & Sommer has been represented in Northern Europe since 2011. Private and public customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are served out of Copenhagen. Drees & Sommer Nordic translates German quality standards into local Nordic solutions. When entering the market and assessing real estate, German real estate companies, banks, and insurance providers rely on the technical evaluation of properties and intercultural advice from Drees & Sommer. Its lighthouse projects include the new building for the Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen and the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link.

“Being named ‘German Company of the Year 2021’ is a milestone in our 10 years of operation in Denmark. It shows that our interdisciplinary and method-based work is significant not only for our customers, but also for business life in Denmark,” says Sebastian Lundholm Petersen. “With our focus on innovation, digitization, and sustainability, we will continue to make a positive contribution to the Danish market.”



Sebastian Lundholm Petersen, Managing Director, Drees & Sommer Nordic, E-Mail

Torsten Esbjørn, Managing Director, Drees & Sommer Nordic, E-Mail