Excellent Design Quality: German Design Award Recognizes Micro-Housing Project by Drees & Sommer

© Drees & Sommer
A micro home with space in which to feel comfortable. The design of the apartments at Flair Schwabing in the German city of Munich has received the German Design Award.

Living space today must be many things: accommodation, office, a sociable place for feeling at ease. The micro-apartments from Flair Schwabing offer all this in a small space – and look really good, too. The design by the Drees & Sommer UX team has now won the prestigious German Design Award in the Excellent Architecture – Interior Architecture category.

For the German Design Award, an international jury from business, science and design recognizes pioneering projects from the German and international design industry in the architecture, communication design and product design categories. The Drees & Sommer team of Giulio Castegini was rewarded in the category "Excellent Architecture - Interior Architecture".

The architectural style of the Munich residential complex, Flair Schwabing, impressed the jury with its timeless design and well-thought-out layout. On seven floors, 84 micro-apartments offer a wide variety of housing for a target group of young professionals, business tenants and students. This diversity is reflected in five different apartment types. Drees & Sommer developed the brand architecture and interior design of the living spaces, including all special areas such as entrances and circulation areas. "The demands of our time are reflected in new requirements for living space - it is essential to take these into account in the design," says Castegini.

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