Future technologies in use: 3D scanning at Drees & Sommer

Drees & Sommer is working with the technologies of the future. We examine the use of various scanning products, identify new requirements and align our offer accordingly.

As an innovation leader, we are constantly putting together new service offerings around new technologies and digitization - for the success of our customers. What is important to us? Breaking out of the silo: we work together with other companies and integrate start-up technologies – to support successful innovations.

With the use of 3D scanners on site, we can take a step forward towards digitization that saves time and money on construction sites. With 3D scanning technology, the status quo of the building shell is digitally recorded and compared with the target state specified by the digital planning. Deviations between planning and reality can thus be detected and corrected at an early stage. This not only saves time and money, but also contributes to less waste of resources and adds to more sustainability in construction.

3D scanners are finding their first applications in construction management, particularly for quality control and construction site documentation. Our Drees & Sommer experts are also already using the new scanners. These include the "NavVis VLX backpack scanner" and the "Faro-Trek" laser scanner from FARO, which in combination with the RoboDog from boston dynamics which already attracted eyeballs at EXPO Real 2021.

In addition, we would be jointly developing technologies with individual suppliers such as Faro Technologies and Imerso.

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Expedition Baustelle – im Reich der Punktwolken

3D-Kontrolle auf der Baustelle - mit dem NavVis VLX und Imerso - YouTube

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