Innovation Scouting Report 2023: The three technology trends

Even though trend research in the construction and real estate sector is still in its infancy, it could not be more important because the real estate industry is in flux and innovations are changing from being ‘nice to have’ to being essential for a company’s success. That’s why the Drees & Sommer Innovation Scouting Report 2023 looks at application examples involving the three most important technology trends: AI, Big Data Analytics, and IoT. The report gives specific details of how these technologies are applied by four startups, also referred to as proptech and contech companies.

Alongside digitization and urbanization, the focus in 2023 will be on the megatrend neo-ecology, which covers ecology, economy and ethics. The reason for this is the great responsibility the construction and real estate sector bears as a result of being responsible for around 37 percent of global carbon emissions. New technologies, called greentechs, can have a major influence on this. Startups from the construction and real estate sector are also benefitting from greater market volume as they are increasingly focus on green solutions. Investment in proptechs and contechs continued to rise last year, with the total volume up 52.7 percent on the previous year.

By offering specific solutions, the new Scouting Report can serve as a helpful guide for the strategic orientation of innovation activities. It also contains all the important facts, figures, trends and developments:

As an innovation leader, Drees & Sommer already relies on cooperation with startups. The scouting team identifies and assesses startups offering great potential worldwide and initiates further cooperation with Drees & Sommer. Startup scouting is carried out following requests from within the company in response to specific customer needs or based on tech areas and trends classified as relevant. For more information see: