New Merger: Die Werkbank IT GmbH Is Now Part Of Drees & Sommer

© [Translate to English:] Geschäftsführer Matthias Uhl, Patrick Theis (alle abgebildeten Personen wurden unter 2G-Plus-Vorgaben aufgenommen)

The Vienna-based company Die Werkbank was integrated into the Drees & Somme Group on January 1, 2022.The acquisition included the company’s subsidiary Next IT Services Ltd., based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The business combination allows Drees & Sommer to further expand its competence in the digital field. The new colleagues from Next IT Services Ltd. will significantly broaden the in-house expertise of the Group in the area of CAD, BIM, VR and AR.

Die Werkbank specializes in digital solutions for planning, construction and operation processes in the building sector. The company is already successfully offering building information modeling (BIM) products and is well represented on the relevant markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Bim & More tool, for example, is a BIM plug-in solution that offers planners access to up-to-date product information provided by manufacturers.

v.create as the first shared digital tool

Drees & Sommer experts have already proved the success of the collaboration through development of the shared configurator platform v.create. Over the past 1.5 years a tool has been developed, which will enable clients to configure office space productively and take a virtual tour through it. Integration into the digital planning environment makes it possible to link the procedure seamlessly with BIM processes. At present the responsible team is expanding this successful platform for other applications, e.g. for logistics industry or blue modularity.

Werkbank IT GmbH will operate on the market under the joint management of the current CEO Matthias Uhl and Patrick Theis from Drees & Sommer. The company will continue to develop its own product portfolio under its own brand.

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