Responsible Hospitality for a better world: Drees & Sommer joins Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Drees & Sommer is delighted to join the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, the leading global network of engaged hospitality companies and strategic partners to address key challenges affecting the environment, and develop free practical resources and programmes to enable the wider industry to operate responsibly and grow sustainably.

The alliance has launched the Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality for the Planet with the vision that every hotel around the world can, and must, aim for net positive environmental impacts. To achieve this goal, the Pathway provides a practical, four-stage guidance framework as a free resource that supports all parts of the hospitality value chain to progress strategically.

The initiative is a result of direct collaboration with the hospitality industry and its value chain, in consultation with environmental and industry experts. The vision and approach is supported by the World Travel & Tourism Council, which represents the global Travel & Tourism private sector, and aligns with their work to provide a robust foundation for sustainability across the industry.

16 leading international hotel companies, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, corporations and governments have already joined this initiative.

In addition to climate protection, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has committed itself to promoting human rights, water management and the protection of minors in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Wolfgang M. Neumann, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Chair said: “Our Pathway fills the current vacuum of a co-ordinated and focussed strategic plan across the hospitality industry to tackle the urgently needed climate actions. It is a practical tool for any hotel, no matter its starting point, to obtain guidance on how to prioritise and sequence targeted and measurable climate actions. The Alliance wants to encourage all hotels to embrace the journey all the way to net positive. We are spearheading the dialogue beyond having ‘zero’ impact and setting a vision for what we can be
putting back into the natural world with a lasting ‘positive’ impact on our planet and its people.”

Gesa Rohwedder, Head of Hospitality Europe, Drees & Sommer said: “As a climate positive company, we are committed to delivering our projects that meet the highest sustainability standards. By joining the Alliance, we get the opportunity to exchange the best possible solutions with industry peers and join forces to take collective action to support the net-zero transition of the hospitality sector.”

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