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Office Buildings

Atalmedial Amsterdam

Added value

Drees & Sommer initially supported Atalmedial in making strategic choices with respect to their property portfolio. Drees & Sommer then implemented the plans, with the entire project management for the client and the contractors from design to implementation falling under the responsibility of Drees & Sommer. Activities included budget and schedule monitoring, steering committee and working group level consultation, technical and construction consulting and construction management.


  • Inventory of the technical condition of the building
  • Drafting the multiyear maintenance plan (MJOP)
  • Test fit and design plan
  • Project management (design to implementation)
  • Construction management during performance




Surface area

Laboratory: 1600 m²
Offices: 850 m²


Slotervaart building (former hospital)

Project duration

Different sub-projects: 2016 – 2021

Every day, Atalmedial processes more than 10 000 tubes of blood for diagnostic tests at the request of general practitioners, obstetricians, institutions, hospitals and other healthcare providers. This makes Atalmedial one of the largest cooperation partners in the Netherlands in the field of laboratory diagnostics. Atalmedial expects production to grow in the coming years and therefore wants to design and prepare its own premises accordingly. Part of the ground floor and three wings of the third floor of the Slotervaart building were therefore rented and converted. Drees & Sommer undertook project and construction management as well as interior design and layout development. 

The new premises in the Slotervaart building were realised in sub-projects. In 2017, the central KCL laboratory was realised in wing 3C, followed by office wing 3D in 2018. The sample laboratory was completed at the beginning of 2021 (wing 3B). The laboratory is fully robotised, equipped according to the latest techniques and has one of the largest clinical chemistry facilities in Europe. This central laboratory is an important part of Atalmedial's strategy to provide high-quality diagnostics nationwide through economies of scale. 

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