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Hydro-electric power plant Füssener Straße, Kempten

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Kempten, Germany

Project duration

December 2009 – December 2010

During the refurbishment of the hydro-electric power plant on the Füssener Straße, which is over 100 years old, the heritage-protected power plant was reduced to one Kaplan turbine. As part of the project, the entire facility will be completed with a connection to the "Keselstraße". To this end, the new weir plant is expanded and connected to the "Füssener Straße" power plant. In addition, the power plant received a new machinery foundation, which was integrated into the building - fully soundproofed.

Together, the new hydro-electric power plant in the Keselstraße and the old hydro-electric power plant in the Füssener Straße produce more than 14 million kilowatt hours of environmentally-friendly electricity using Iller water every year.