Energy Supply (electricity, gas, district heating)

Linth-Limmern Ltd, Linthal Pumped Storage Hydropower plant

Added value

  • Improvement of the power station output from 520 MW to 1520 MW

Individual services

  • Technical overall coordination
  • Consulting and support in project overall management
  • Coordination, integration, communication with all parties involved
  • Schedule planning
  • Early detection of layout and schedule conflicts

Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG / Axpo

Project duration


Total costs

around CHF 2,100 million

Pumping capacity / turbine output

1000 MW

Drop height


Length of dam


The Linthal pumped storage hydropower plant (PSW Limmern) in the canton of Glarus is one of the most important renewable energy development projects in Switzerland. The underground pumped storage plant can pump lake water from Lake Limmern back to Lake Mutt, which is about 600 meters higher, and from there it then flows back through the power station. This system enables electricity to be generated in a controlled way.

The new pumped storage plant has a pumping capacity and turbine output of 1000 megawatts (MW). This increases the output of the Linth-Limmern power stations from 520 MW to 1520 MW. Drees & Sommer supports the client with project management services.