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Industrial & Production Plant

Stack-Fabrik Hamburg Viktoria Park



Project duration

June 2022- September 2022


H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH, Braaker Bogen 27, 22145 Braak

The client, H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH, commissioned Drees & Sommer to identify user requirements for future stack production at a site in Hamburg's Viktoria Park. H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of innovative PEM electrolysis systems. Series production of the electrolysis stacks is to be carried out in a new building at the Hamburg site.

To this end, the experts organised a total of six workshops with the client, following the tried and tested method of integral factory planning. The basic framework for the project was developed in these workshops. The following topics were developed and decided upon:

Block layout (production/logistics/research and development)

  • Masterplan/Location plan
  • Traffic concept
  • Use concept (office/exhibition/employee space)
  • Façade concept
  • Media requirements Process
  • Space requirements
  • Site utility requirements (electricity, district heating, water, waste water)
  • Media supply concept
  • TGA concept
  • E-mobility concept
  • PV concept
  • Building physics or noise control concept
  • Fire protection concept
  • Construction schedule and costs
  • DGNB+ standard

The result was an initial summary of all user needs and their translation into structural and infrastructural measures. These include buildings, media production (e.g. coolers for test benches), outdoor areas (roads, green spaces, parking for cars and bicycles) and access.

A particular focus of the workshops was on sustainability. A special feature was the significant number of bicycle parking spaces with charging facilities requested by the client.

Added Value

  • Create a stable baseline project by involving all stakeholders
  • Enabling project decisions
  • Initial summary of all user requirements and definition of the resulting construction works (buildings and infrastructure)

Individual Services

Consulting and planning services

User Requirement:

  • Production and Logistics
  • Masterplan / Traffic concept
  • Architectural concept
  • Office use concept
  • Façade concept
  • Pre-dimensioning of supporting structure
  • Technical building services
  • Media requirements and supply
  • Fire protection design
  • Building physics and noise Control
  • Time schedule and costs